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If you are looking for transparent, effective, yet affordable online marketing solutions then we can help. We will work with you to determine your goals to grow your business, and come up with a strategy that fits your requirements and budgets. Promoting your business online usually requires a mix of different online marketing services. The different elements all help to build your brand, enhance your search positions, and ultimately drive sales and enquiries.

Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing FAQ’s

Absolutely! A well optimised website that performs well in the search engines can draw traffic for relevant keywords driving more sales and a high return in your investment.

Simple answer to this is no, nobody can guarantee you results within the search engines! What we can do is follow all the guidelines of technical, on-page SEO, content, structure and building brand authority through natural link building processes. This will ensure that your website is targeting your profitable keywords and that Google sees your website as an authority within your marketplace.

Not really. We could do what most other companies do and run your website through a tool that will check your SEO and offer suggestions on how to fix the issues. If this is what you are looking for we would suggest using this tool here. Our approach is different.

We like to get to know you and your business and work out who would be your target audience to drive more enquiries and sales. Once we understand about your business we would carry out a keyword research phase and select the most profitable keywords and set to work optimising your website. We would look at the technical elements of your website such as structure, speed, and code. We would then work with you implementing a content strategy written to your targeting keywords and structure that content in a relevant way for the search engines.

SEO is an organic approach which means it takes time, and patience and requires commitment from you as a business owner. We can also optimise your GMB listing so that you appear locally within the map selection pack. Using Schema markup we can localise your business enhancing your local presence further.

Absolutely! We run a number of campaigns for our clients using Google Ads. We carry out a full keyword research phase to see which would be your most profitable targeting keywords. We would then suggest a budget that we feel would give you the best chance of appearing for your selected keywords. We would then structure a campaign around these keywords, and monitor and adjust your campaign accordingly to drive the best possible costs per acquisition.

We do not like to package any of our services as every business is different. We work with you and your budgets. If we feel that you do not have the budgets to effectively run an SEO or PPC campaign then we will be honest with you and let you know. We would prefer not to take your money than deliver results below your expectations. We can however offer you and your team SEO Training on how to manage, implement and execute a profitable campaign yourselves.

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